We create transparency

The Audit Factory is a network of internal auditors offering internal audit, risk management and corporate governance services. We are experts in providing risk and process oriented internal audit services for all kinds of organizations.

We can make a substantial contribution toward the systematic improvement of your risk management and internal control systems. Because we are independent of our clients’ internal processes, our audits can be carried out exactly as they should be: uninfluenced by any factors that might impair objectivity. That means our findings can be trusted.

Our carefully selected consultants and trainers are specialists in their fields. We only work with networkers who have many of years internal audit experience along with well-developed consultative skills. Their commitment to us is ensured by an attractive and success-oriented remuneration model that compares favorably with the very best on the market. It is only by building close, long-term working relationships that we are able to offer consistently high quality.

We get to know our customers well. That enables us to offer the right advice and recommendations for each client’s individual organization;
a bit like a made-to-measure suit for processes.
We have specialists for many processes and industries – experts who can give you concrete answers to concrete questions.




It almost goes without saying that we operate according to the professional standards for internal auditing. In fact, we exceed them in many areas, for instance in the way we have organized our quality management. Here, we have oriented ourselves on the highly acclaimed EFQM model that sees processes within a framework of enablers and results.